Our Philosophy

Our business philosophy is based on several key elements that we incorporate into our business practices and into every engagement we undertake.

We believe:

  • User experience is of paramount importance: an audiovisual facility must provide the user with an environment that facilitates open communication, both in the aesthetics and function.

  • Monitoring the performance and use of audiovisual assets is critical for both improving their efficiency, and for providing the necessary data to make better future decisions regarding the application of technology.

  • Accountability is an absolute must. We know that we cannot make our client successful if they are not confident that there is a knowledgeable, empowered, single point of contact they can rely on for advice and support.

  • Access to expertise about all aspects of audiovisual design, engineering and management is what clients need to successfully build and operate audiovisual facilities.

  • Total cost of ownership, including equipment, installation, maintenance, and support, is a key factor when making decisions about audiovisual facilities; not just the upfront acquisition and installation cost.