Management Services

Global organizations are becoming increasingly dependent on technology to communicate. Operating efficiently in multiple locations around the world requires adapting quickly to meet a wide range of challenges. This divergence can often lead to the inconsistent application of technology across an organization, limiting the ability of employees to work with each other effectively.

We take a top-down approach to solving this problem, developing a master plan for the global deployment of new audiovisual installations, and providing a single point of contact for the design, management, and service of all audiovisual systems.  By defining a set of standards to which all rooms are built, an employee who has learned to operate a conference room in New York can walk in to a conference room in Tokyo and use it without any additional training, and distant employees can collaborate like never before.

Without proper management the use of an audiovisual system can come to a grinding halt, as users find themselves increasingly frustrated by failed conference calls, delayed meetings, and other impediments to productivity that can arise from technology gone awry. Providing adequate management and support services on a global scale can be a daunting task, however.

AV Helpdesk provides a suite of services to alleviate the pains of audiovisual systems support, including on-site staff to manage and maintain a company’s audiovisual resources, ongoing training of existing staff, and direct access to our top-level engineering expertise. Standard documentation and engineering practices mean that employees can be quickly trained to handle a large number of rooms efficiently. When rooms are made reliable, manageable, and easy to use, the true benefits of audiovisual technology can be realized.