Design Consulting

As a full-service audiovisual consultant, we take ownership of every integration project from beginning to end. We are responsible for all aspects of the design and implementation, providing a single point of representation for our clients throughout the process.

Equipment and installation labor are purchased from a third party using our unique competitive bidding process.  Bid responses are analyzed using a standardized set of both quantitative and qualitative metrics, based on our extensive industry knowledge, and reports are provided along the way to document the decision making process.

Our design philosophy centers around providing a solid foundation for communication before technology even enters into the equation. If you can't have a comfortable conversation across a table, you can't expect to effectively communicate your ideas to a room full of people a thousand miles away. With this in mind, our designs encompass the overall user experience rather than focusing on the technology alone.

This people-centric design strategy, along with our innovative approach to installation management, allows us to deliver highly functional audiovisual systems while adhering to a tight budget.  Our expertise and high level of involvement throughout the process gives us adaptability, accountability, and results that no other audiovisual services provider can match.