Think Horizontally

The Virtual Canvas workspace provides users with interactive video wall functionality at a fraction of the cost of traditional video wall systems. This innovative new approach requires minimal floor space and is designed to easily retrofit into existing conference rooms and open collaborative meeting areas.


Leveraging cutting-edge display technology powered by software from Scalable Display Technologies, AV Helpdesk has developed a packaged solution to provide a low-cost presentation tool with the potential to dramatically improve the way we communicate and explore new ideas.


Using an array of wall-mounted projectors and a standard Windows desktop computer, a simple blank wall becomes a state-of-the art collaborative environment.  Users can walk right up and directly interact graphics and data using the touch-sensitive virtual canvas, whether annotating slides and charts or manipulating complex 3D renderings.


AV Helpdesk has already been engaged to deploy this Virtual Canvas solution for several industry-leading biomedical research facilities in the Cambridge, MA area and beyond.  As these systems have come online, feedback from the researchers using it has been unanimously positive; this is truly a major step forward in the realm of immersive collaboration environments.