Digital Boardroom For Retail Giant

This room was initially designed as a formal presentation space to accommodate traditional board meetings. The original technology consisted of an outdated rear projection display and integrated teleconferencing system. At one point, efforts to integrate videoconferencing into the environment were attempted, with mixed results. Over the following years, additional modifications to the technology systems were attempted to improve the audio and video experience. While some improvements were realized, the overall performance and user satisfaction was less than anticipated. In early 2010 a decision was made to take a more comprehensive approach to upgrading the room.

A new conference table and technology systems were designed to provide both traditional Boardroom functionality for up to 28 participants, and a unique “telepresence” style video conferencing experience for up to 18 participants. In order to include 18 people sitting in a row into a video conference, 3 HD cameras were installed beneath the displays, and an advanced digital video processor was employed to rearrange the 3 images into a single HD frame featuring 3 rows of 6 people each.

In order to facilitate the anticipated transition to an all-digital video environment while still ensuring operational reliability, the video connection and routing systems include complete, end-to-end analog and digital infrastructure and supporting devices.

A single 103” flat panel monitor is mounted centered on the wall at the front of the room. This monitor is used to provide a single focal point when viewing presentations.  Two 85” flat panel monitors are mounted on the side wall to be used with the video conferencing system.

The boardroom table is outfitted with fourteen monitors to provide participants with a means to view detailed spreadsheets and other presentation materials that require reading of small text. These monitors recess into the table surface and are concealed when not required.

The end result is a flexible room that works equally well in a number of different scenarios, providing top quality presentation capabilities along with excellent audio enhancement and telepresence-style video conferencing.