LED Video Wall Boardroom

In 2015 AV Helpdesk was engaged to design an audiovisual system for a boardroom in downtown Boston.  The project included a complete architectural update of the existing space, and the new boardroom was to be located in the corner of the building to capitalize on views of the city skyline.


The new room presented a number of audiovisual design challenges.  An unusually large table, with seating for up to 32 people, meant that a display size of almost 14 feet would be required for users at the back of the room to read spreadsheets and other small text.  Additionally, people at the front of the table would be close enough to the screen that low pixel density would be very noticeable.  Windows showcasing the skyline view covered two perpendicular walls, which meant display technology that would perform well in high ambient light conditions was a necessity.


Selecting an appropriate display technology was key to the success of the project.  With participants seated as close as 10 feet to the screen, it was important to use a technology that did not include mullions, bezels, gaps, or even the slightest distortion of the image.  This eliminated all traditional video wall solutions.  Front projection would provide a seamless image, but the lighting conditions would require a large, noisy projector to be mounted over the table.


The solution was a tiled LED display from SiliconCore Technology.  Designed to meet the demanding needs of outdoor stadiums and other large venues, the performance of this technology is unlike any other when it comes to color saturation, contrast ratio, and brightness.  The SiliconCore product’s 1.9mm pixel spacing creates a perfectly smooth image when viewed from as close as 8 feet to the screen surface.  Even on the brightest days, the display can produce a striking image running at just half brightness, extending the potential lifespan up to 100,000 hours of use.


The results speak for themselves.  When people first walk in to the room, they are stopped in their tracks, even when viewing an ordinary Windows desktop.  The client is able to leave all of the window shades open and enjoy the view with no impact to the image quality.  Recent innovations in LED display technology have made it a serious contender for use in boardrooms and similar high-end spaces, and AV Helpdesk now has several more projects in the works that will leverage this game-changing technology.


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